2022: The relaunch of BIG events

Events since the pandemic have certainly changed. Planning, organising, promoting and executing industry events has changed in response to the challenges of COVID-19. 

However, research from LinkedIn has shown that 78% of event marketers want in-person events to return to a primary role once it is safe to do so. The research also indicated that many organisers of live events will also deliver a ‘digital’ offering alongside that allows organisations to get more from their investment. 

So, what does the return look like and what will you need to consider when running an in-person event in 2022? 

Make the 2022 event COVID-secure

You will need to think about how to organise your space, how to provide for guests and staff and how to implement regular cleaning schedules. You will need to create a floor plan for social distancing and installing sanitising stations. You may need to hire extra staff where needed to help direct the flow of guests. 

Risk assessments 

2022 event risk assessments will need to be integrated into your planning and incorporate health and safety policies for post-pandemic. You will need to work out how to mitigate risks in light of the pandemic such as venue size, number of attendees, serving food and drink, one-way systems for social distancing.

Contactless measure

Will social distancing and contactless measures need to still be implemented? This can be factored in easily at live in-person events with clear signage, timed entry slots to avoid queues and contactless ticket scanning.

In England, mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations are required at certain venues that welcome large crowds so this will still be something to consider and communicate to all attendees and staff.  

If we have learnt anything over the last year or so, the only constant is change. We would always advise to have a backup plan when planning your event to limit disruption and have a clear refund policy from the start. 

If you would like more information, advice or staff for your future event, then please get in touch