3 Opportunities Event Organizers Should Consider Right Now

Since the UK government announced lockdown almost 60 days ago, the events industry has ceased to operate. However, we want to take this opportunity to remind the event organisers of the many opportunities available. 

We understand that right now many events organisers will just be focusing on surviving however, we want to make sure you come out on top once this outbreak is over. 

We are taking this downtime to focus on opportunities to help us in the future and we wanted to share these with you. 


Many companies will see this department as an opportunity to save money however, this isn’t a time to halt marketing activities. Use this time to focus on your event marketing strategy for the future. When we come out of this outbreak, there will be strong competition so we need to ensure we are ready for this. We are focusing our effort on our social media channels to ensure that we are still communicating with our followers, clients, and staff at this time. Email marketing is also another area that has an opportunity, especially if you are an event organiser. Keeping in contact with your customers is key at this time. 

Virtual events 

Use this time to research the opportunity of running virtual events and find out how you can engage with your customers online. Some event organisers are already doing this and monetising from this activity. If you do not know where to start then potentially look at providing free virtual events to build your following and customer base before you start charging. 

Embrace creativity 

We are sure that some of you out there don’t miss sitting at AGMs for hours and hours however the reality is that most people do miss meeting others. We believe that the events industry will return from this outbreak stronger than ever. So, why not use this time to think of other creative ways to persuade people to return to live events. Communication is going to play an even bigger role in encouraging uptake to attend events. 

For more information about how we can help your future events, please get in touch