5 ways to increase your event ticket sales

We often get asked by clients if we have any tactics about how to increase the number of ticket sales for their event. We understand that getting as many people through the door is important and there are a number of things you should think about when planning your event that will help when it comes to ticket sales. 

Price your ticket right

Every event planner needs to set a realistic price for the event ticket. The most simple way to work this out is to use a breakeven price so at least your costs will be covered. 

Minimum ticket price = total event costs / expected number of attendees

Once you have worked your breakeven price out you can then workout your ticket price. Remember at this stage to do some research so that you can keep your price competitive with other similar events on the market. 

The next stage when working out the pricing is potentially adding a tiered pricing structure, for example, a more expensive VIP access ticket that allows individuals access to other sections or people attending your event. Other ideas include early access tickets, early-bird tickets and deal-of-the-day tickets. 

Create an event landing page 

Your event landing page needs to be attention-grabbing and provide the potential delegates with the relevant information about the event so that they can decide whether to attend. This page should answer all the key questions such as where, when, what, who etc. Make sure the page has a clear call-to-action (e.g. buy tickets) and is easy to share with other people. 

Find sponsorship 

Sponsors not only cover some of your event expenses but will also help promote your event to other potential audiences and help you sell more tickets. This can also work with any speakers or performers attending your event. They often have loyal followers so their fans are also potential attendees. 

Encourage word-of-mouth 

66% of event-goers say their friends or colleagues were the main reason they chose to attend a particular event. Encouraging word-of-mouth recommendations could increase event ticket sales. This can be done by offering group discounts or running competitions. 

Promote your event 

Promoting your event will be the sure way to encourage ticket sales and we suggest using your most successful channel to do this. If you have one successful social media channel then spend the bulk of your budget and time promoting your event on that channel. Another opportunity is for you to embrace retargeting so that you don’t lose that potential attendee who came so close to signing up. 

Don’t forget to create a video teaser as well. The video can be short and cover what the event is about, who it is for, and who will be speaking. This is a great way to communicate the must-know details about the event. 

For more information about how we can provide staff at your event or for any other suggestions around increasing event ticket sales, please get in touch.