Case studies

Binumi Pro

Binumi Pro is a video content platform that allows companies to create their own video using their propriety filming kit and App. The company tasked Pinnacle Event staff to support a camera crew with running a live meeting for a client across 7 UK locations.


Our brief from Binumi Pro was to provide a small team to support Santander Bank’s Roadshow. Our staff were needed to support a camera crew for their client’s live streaming event at seven different locations across the UK: Milton Keynes, London, Leicester, Bootle, Bradford, Belfast, and Glasgow.

The live meeting consisted of the bank’s executive team hosted by the CEO. The live streaming format was used to save time and money for everyone traveling to one location. They also wanted to test how this live event could take place at various locations across the UK.


We worked with a very short lead time (a week or so) to provide the client with an experienced team of 13 staff to cover all the areas and activities requested.

The event staff were trained to use the Binumi Pro App and also traveled to their relevant locations for setup the day before. This enabled them to have a practice run-through to ensure everything was ready for the live event the following day.

In addition to assisting with operating cameras for live questions to the CEO of the bank, our staff provided the usual event management activities. These included being the first point of contact for the client, running registration, setting up the rooms and equipment for the event, sound checks, and assisting with communication with other teams located across the UK.


“It was very hard but a success and your team were amazing!”, says Christopher Bo Shields, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of Binumi Pro.

“Just a quick one to say your team was amazing and truly helped us all deliver the best service to our client.  It was awesome. A big thank you to you and the team, you guys are the best!”, says Operations Director, Binumi Pro.

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