The importance of company values in the events industry

With over 30 years of experience working in the events industry, we understand the importance of having company values and living by them. 

Company values are what support the vision of a company and help shape its culture. They are the essence of the company’s identity – their principles and beliefs. At Pinnacle Event Staff, we place a strong focus on our team becoming an extension of yours. We try to work with corporate brands that adopt similar company values to us. 

Our company values are teamwork, passion, communication, excellence, and trust. 


Running a successful event is all about exceptional TEAMWORK. Everyone at Pinnacle is a team player, each relishing working together and when required, integrating seamlessly with your team to deliver an excellent event and first-class customer experience, every time. 


We are passionate about the events industry and it is this PASSION that enables us to throw ourselves, heart and soul, into every event that we support you with. When we work with you we will share your vision, your goal, and your passion for the event you are delivering. 


Teamwork is an integral part of a successful event and the single largest success factor of great teamwork is COMMUNICATION. Excellent communication skills are a prerequisite for anyone joining the Pinnacle team and collectively we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate effectively at all levels before, during, and after an event. 


EXCELLENCE by definition is the quality of being outstanding. At Pinnacle being excellent means surpassing your expectations, leaving you wanting for nothing, only looking forward to working with us again. 


We have implicit TRUST in each and every one of our team; that means we believe in their ability and their reliability. We recognise trust is earned over time and it is our commitment to our clients to earn that trust. 

If your company has similar core values and would like to discuss how we can support your future event then please get in touch