Conference centres can now host events

The events industry has been waiting with baited breath for when live events can return to conference centres across the UK.

At the beginning of August, we saw the announcement that exhibition and conference centres in England could host business meetings and events for up to 30 people.

What does this mean?

Small events for up to 30 people are permitted so long as there is direct access to the smaller meeting spaces and COVID-secure guidance is adhered to. This guidance includes: social distancing must be maintained, different groups are kept separate and the venue can demonstrate it has followed the COVID-19 guidance.

To Cater or Not?

Basic catering can be provided at these small events with venues needing to follow similar guidance issued for bars, pubs and takeaways. Pre-packaged food is highly advised in these scenarios.

Receptions, award ceremonies, filming, fashion shows, product launches, and team building exercises are not allowed to take place until 1 October, on the condition that COVID-19 is deemed under control.

All events happening after 1 October will need to be risk assessed following AEO COVID-19 secure guidelines.

We have yet to be told if face masks need to be worn during business events and meetings.

We still need to ensure we are ready to create events that are as safe as possible, no matter the number of people. Organising an event will now have an extra step involved which will be incorporating the AEO guidelines to protect the wellbeing of all attendees and staff working at the event.

Things for event organisers to consider

  • Assess the risk of transmission of COVID-19 at your event and identify and manage those risks
  • Create pre-event checklists addressing the risks associated with COVID-19 at your event
  • Create safety guidelines and policies for suppliers, staff, and attendees to adhere to
  • Communicate all guidelines and policies prior to the event

As the UK Government makes more announcements over the coming weeks, we will be listening to see if any of the current restrictions are lifted further.

In the meantime, if you have any event related questions, please contact us.