Event Staff For Hospitality Events

Behind every successful event, is a great team of hospitality staff. Many of our clients approach us asking what staff they should hire and what roles matter the most. 

Hospitality is often a term used to reference food and beverage being served at an event. However, hospitality staff are also used to welcome guests and delegates to your event, they are there to be ‘hospitable’. The events that we have provided hospitality staff include business meetings, celebration dinners, fundraisers and sporting events such as Henley Regatta, Ascot Racecourse and the Monaco Grand Prix. 

When we provide hospitality staff, they are there to ensure the event goes as planned, with the amenities and standards the client is expecting such as food, drink and entertainment. Our staff are quick to solve any problems without noticeable impact to the guests and provide a successful event for the client. The staff we provide often form part of a larger hospitality team and our clients often book our event staff because they integrate seamlessly into the client’s existing event team. 

“The attendees of an event have different expectations than the event host. Their experience depends on the quality of the food, friendliness of the staff and the ambiance of the room. We often find that a guest at a successful event may refer new business or tell others what a great time they had so the experience they have is paramount,”

Elisa Drummond, Co-Founder of Pinnacle Event Staff. 

The Pinnacle Team is comprised of tried and tested event staff including; promotional and hospitality staff, registration teams, session scanning, directional staff, event hosts, team supervisors, onsite co-ordinators, event managers, logistics specialists, data capture teams, rebooking staff, photographers and videographers.

We are happy to be as involved with your planning process as you would like us to be; some of our clients look to us for guidance and some simply use us time and time again for the great staff that we provide.

If you would like to speak to us about staffing for hospitality events then please get in touch