How we are dealing with the event staff shortage

When the pandemic hit back in 2020, the events industry was dealt a massive blow. Now we are in 2022, we see recovery is in sight, bookings are coming in and the demand for live events is growing. There is however, still the problem is the event staff shortage.

Many people working in events back in 2020 had to make the decision to leave the events industry in order to survive. We had little assistance as an industry from the government during the pandemic and the event staff shortage is having a knock-on effect on the recovery for many businesses.

The hospitality sector seems to be hardest hit with hotels and restaurants operating at half their capacity due to staff shortages. Restaurants struggling to find chefs and front of house staff are fighting to survive. Many people in the events industry also decided to retrain and are now in their new jobs meaning it is very doubtful they will return to the events industry.

So, what can we do?

As an industry, we need to highlight the value of events staff and reward the talents of the staff.

We need to show that working in events, provides people with flexible hours so they can work around other commitments and still manage a better work-life balance that we all aim for.

Events provide flexible working solutions which may be more attractive than full-time office work.

As an industry, we need to expand where we look to recruit people. Many hospitality and event roles are aimed at university graduates however there are plenty of individuals interested in working in events of all ages and backgrounds.

The Pinnacle Team is comprised of tried and tested event staff including; registration teams, session scanning, directional staff, event hosts, team supervisors, onsite co-ordinators, event managers, logistics specialists, data capture teams, rebooking staff, photographers and videographers.

Please get in touch, if you would like to discuss your event staffing requirements and we will be able to help.