Events post COVID-19 – the statistics

It is no secret that the COVID-19 health crisis has dramatically impacted the events industry worldwide.

Here are just some statistics that show the changes, trends and possible outcomes for the events industry post COVID-19:

Event personnel are being reduced in numbers

Recent research carried out by Bizzabo, has indicated that nearly half of event marketers report that their companies have made changes to personnel in response to events post COVID-19 and that budgets are tightening. Although budgets might be reducing, we have positivity around this statistic because at Pinnacle Event Staff we are able to provide knowledgeable, experienced event staff for events throughout the UK. This will enable event organisers to focus on being creative, efficient and flexible to maximise their event experience for delegates.

Virtual Events are growing in popularity

During the pandemic, it was clear that many event organisers opted to switch upcoming events to virtual events in order to avoid refunding tickets and still delivering the events to delegates albeit in a different format. While online events are currently popular, we believe there is nothing better than face-to-face interaction at events and that live, in-person events will be coming back soon. The UK government has just announced the that conference venues can host small events with no more than 30 attendees (link to other blog about conference events).

Virtual and In-person – the best of both worlds

More than 95% of event marketers agree that in-person events will be back (according to Bizzabo research). The need to connect, meet and build relationships can only really happen in-person and we know that the return of in-person events is going to return bigger than ever. However, we do believe that there will certainly be a market for both and there is demand for technology to support both virtual and in-person events.

In the meantime, if you are starting to plan for future events this year or in 2021 and have any event related questions, please contact us today.