How having an event planner can avoid chaos on the day

Having an event planner at your event can ensure all kinds of chaos is avoided. There is nothing more important than the smooth running of an event. We know that there is always a huge amount of planning that goes into an event and organisation is key to this planning process.

Here’s why we think having an event planner can avoid chaos on the big event day:

Event planners love a checklist

All event planners will have a checklist for event day tasks and this will be divided down to the different staff that is employed on the day including external event staff.

Event planners check the weather

Whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor event, the UK weather seems to be able to affect any event! A good event planner will have checked the forecast and catered for it. For instance, if it is an outdoor event then a plan B option should be available to move the event inside. If the event is indoors and the weather is wet outside then make sure precautions have been put in place for wet floors inside or the availability of umbrella hire.

Event planners live for signage

Event signage is key for a smooth-running event and can stop delegates asking the same questions such as ‘where is the cloakroom’ or ‘where is X seminar being held’ etc.

Event planners will use technology

Using technology can save you time and frustration onsite. Smartphone apps can streamline event logistics and help you go paperless and automate repetitive tasks, cutting down on inefficient processes.

Event planners will brief all staff

When we provide staff for specific events, we ensure we have all the event details for the day ahead of time so that we can brief our event staff accordingly. Briefing our staff before the event means that they are even more prepared once they arrive on the event day allowing the event planners to focus on any last-minute details that might have cropped up.

Event planners will have contingency plans in place

Planning for the unexpected is the difference between good event planners and great ones. Our 30 years’ experience means that we often anticipate mishaps or typical problems that might appear at an event and we can help you place adequate contingency plans in place pre-event.

If you would like to discuss how we can provide event planners before your event and/or on the day of your event, then please get in touch today.