How to successfully host an online business meeting

Online business meetings are now the new ‘normal’ at the moment, as teams are no longer together in the same office. Virtual meetings can pose some challenges, however, in our current situation of lockdown, they can be just as effective as face-to-face meetings as long as they are conducted properly. 

It is easy for meetings to get off course, especially when time is limited. We would advise setting an agenda for your online business meeting. By doing this you will keep the meeting on track and all attendees are aware of what is to be discussed. 

Try to start the online business meeting immediately, as it is less likely for people’s minds to wander off. This also shows respect for people’s time as everyone is busy at the moment. 

Ask for all attendees to have their cameras turned on during the meeting. When people are on camera, they are less likely to be distracted by things around them such as their phones. This means that their full attention will be focused on the meeting. 

Prior to the online business meeting, make sure the participants have the login details. Let them know if they will need to download an app or if a password is required and provide basic instructions such as screen sharing and muting audio. Communicate all of this information via email and resend it one hour before the business meeting is due to start so they have easy access. If this is a recurring online business meeting then we advise our clients to use the same login information each time. This saves both the host and attendees time as no one will be searching for the login details each time the meeting happens. 

Most of the virtual event platforms now offer a virtual meeting room that allows participants to log in at any time but not be admitted to the meeting until the host lets them in. This is very useful if you are hosting back to back meetings during the day. 

Ensure you have a reliable network to host your online business meeting. There is nothing worse than hearing the words ‘What was that? You are breaking up’. This makes for an all-together bad experience for the host and guests. Use a reliable network that supports high definition audio and video. 

After your meeting ends, send a follow-up email recapping everything you and your guests discussed during the online business meeting. This reminds the attendees of the most important talking points and gives guests a resource for reference in the future. 

If you would like to discuss how we can provide assistance with your online business meeting and/or live event post-COVID-19, then please get in touch today.