How to host a socially distanced event

Hosting a socially distanced event can seem daunting but we can help you make the process very easy and simple to carry out. 

Firstly, before you plan or setup to host a socially distanced event you need to check on the UK government website to find out what your local guidelines are for events. Once you have familiarised yourself with your regional and local rules then you can start to plan your event. 

Reduce risk 

As with any event you need to identify, measure and reduce the risks for all attendees and staff. Identify any risks to your staff and attendees, implement the relevant safety steps (ranging from cleaning surfaces to flexible refund policies), communicate all policies to staff and attendees and use a checklist so that safety is at the forefront. 

Follow safety steps 

There are simple safety steps that you can implement at your event, event when these are not a requirement. Provide hand-washing stations or hand sanitiser, ensure the venue has the correct ventilation or HEPA air filters and signage for social distancing. 

Include a Hybrid Virtual element to your event

Including a virtual aspect to your in-person event is a great way to include individuals who couldn’t attend due to travel restrictions. It can also be a great way to add additional income to your bottom line. 

Use technology more 

Technology can really help to provide that ‘touchless’ experience for the attendee such as online ticketing. Certain apps/platforms allow the attendees to book out their entire day beforehand so they can limit the amount of contact with others within the venue and adhere to social distancing rules. 

Be flexible 

Being able to constantly adapt to situations when they arise is not new to any event manager. Hosting a socially distanced event currently means that you must be flexible if local COVID-19 guidelines change. Any attendee coming back to in-person events will feel nervous and anxious and that is understandable but we must remember we are all in this together.

For any additional advice on how to host a socially distanced event, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.