How Pinnacle Event staff become an extension of your event team

When we work with clients, we want our staff to become an extension of their team. This is to ensure that the customer service and experience the delegate receives is seamless as well as our client feels supported and running the event on the day goes as smoothly as possible. 

Guaranteeing we have the right team members working at our clients’ events, is a crucial part of what we do. We ensure that we ask lots of questions when we take the brief from the client.  We need to truly understand the company, the type of people our team will be supporting, and also the kind of event they are running. 

The important thing to remember is that we are not only matching people with the right skills, but it’s also people that will fit in with the client’s culture and gel as a team to deliver a great event on the day. 

When we recruit staff to work with us, we look for people with similar values to us, who are people’s people and can be flexible and adjust to different environments. To provide our clients with staff members who become an extension of their team means we also have to recruit different personality types. 

We check our team is always briefed as much as possible by us prior to them arriving on-site. The staff member will be aware of their role for the day, background on the company they are working for, and its culture. An additional way we ensure our client is supported and that the delegates receive seamless customer service is by providing one Pinnacle Event Staff supervisor on-site at each event. This individual manages the other Pinnacle staff and makes sure they are working efficiently and effectively on-site. 

We know that hiring skill-specific event staff can make a real difference to your event.

Top tips for potential clients: 

For us to book the right staff for your event, please give us as much background about the event as possible including the kind of event team that will be supporting our staff. For example, if the event is a corporate event, then we can use this information to recruit the best team to support that event. 

When briefing our team on-site they should be told what their role is and what is expected of them, given an agenda for the day and also any other relevant key information. It’s also good to know anyone important that might be in attendance that we would need to look after or look out for. 

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