How to host an online event

Since the UK Government restricted large scale events, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, there has been an increase in companies hosting online events.

We could focus on the negatives of having to cancel or postpone large scale events, however, we should focus on the positives for now as this outbreak may alter the future of the events industry.

Online events still need the expertise of event managers to organise the event, as there will still be logistical planning that needs to take place. More companies can host an online event. More people can potentially attend an online event as there are no restrictions on numbers. As a company, you could save money on costs, travel and venue hire. Social media will allow you to keep the conversation alive and this will ultimately ensure the attendees to the online event having an amazing experience.

Things to consider when hosting an online event:

Is your event suitable to go online?

Firstly, consider whether your event is suitable to go online. What works offline may not transfer to the virtual world. Events that are based around discussion and thought leadership can work really well online and the networking aspect of an event can still take place through chat, comments, and Q&As.


You will need to choose the correct online platform to broadcast your event live. You could use Facebook or Instagram Live for video streaming or Zoom conferencing for webinars. The platform you decide to use is really down to what kind of event you are hosting.

Test, Test, Test

Before you host an online event, we would recommend that you test, test, test. This is no different to when at a live event. You should consider checking the equipment you plan to use and ensure people can enter the webinar or video streaming platform you choose to use. Ensure there is no background noise so that all attendees can listen to the information being provided. Make sure you start your event on time and dress to impress if you are using video streaming. First impressions are still important even when they are virtual!

Engage your audience

Be sure to set the tone to the online event by welcoming all attendees and providing a short introduction as to how the event is going to run. Instruct when Q&As are going to take place and how they can use the comment section to ask their questions. With Zoom conferencing, for instance, you can send all attendees a post-event survey asking for feedback, giving you audience satisfaction levels post-event. 

Logistics of hosting an online event

As with all events you will need to decide if you want to monetise the event through ticket sales. Zoom conferencing allows you to do this through a PayPal integration or alternatively you can use a platform like Eventbrite.

Hosting a great event isn’t always easy but hopefully, the above considerations will help you, otherwise don’t forget to talk to us and Pinnacle Event Staff will be able to help. In these uncertain times, it is important to be able to adapt your events offering to suit the current environment. If you have any additional questions or would like our advice then please contact us today.