How to manage temporary staff at your event

Managing temporary staff at your event can be unnerving especially when your focus is on the event itself and the deadlines already in place. We have provided the following guidance to assist all event managers on the supervision of external staff at events.

  1. Who is working for you

It is important to know who is working for you on the day so ensure that the event staffing company has provided you with details of the number of staff to expect and their names. If you put a ‘staff sign-in’ process in place then it will be easier to log working hours and ensure everyone is present.

  1. Who to meet on arrival

Provide the event staffing company with an on-site contact at the venue. When external staff arrive at a venue it can be daunting to know where to go – some of these venues are vast! Highlight to them that they may need to arrive through a staff entrance and in some cases may need to show personal ID.

  1. Management of event team information

Once the external event staff arrive, it is beneficial for them to be introduced to the in-house team so that they know who they are working with and allows the temporary staff to know who to ask for help from.

  1. Briefing is key

We ensure that all temporary event staff have an in-depth briefing beforehand however we advise that a client briefing is also undertaken on the day of the event. Communication is key for events to run smoothly. Running through the schedule, tasks, and questions from the staff should be essential before the event commences.

  1. Divide and conquer

We advise our clients to assign tasks to teams rather than individuals to save time. Team leaders are given clear instructions on what tasks need to be completed and they oversee their team of individuals in the completion of these tasks. This relieves you of this role so that you can concentrate on additional tasks.

  1. Stay calm and collected

It is essential to remain calm throughout an event especially with your staff (easier said than done I hear you say!). If you are calm and approachable in handling your temporary staff, they will make your event a success. If you treat them poorly you run the risk of them becoming less productive, causing more stress in the long run.

  1. Over and out

If you have provided a sign-in process for your staff then you need to ensure there is a sign-out process. This is a good system to put in place ensuring that staff are paid for the hours they actually work.