How to stay sane during the Coronavirus lockdown

As we enter week two of the UK Coronavirus lockdown, the novelty of being at home and relaxing has worn off. For those of you still working you are trying to cram in an 8-hour day into 4 hours, home-schooling, keeping the house somewhat tidy and getting dinner on the table! It can be a very stressful time for everyone, especially as we have no idea when this lockdown is likely to be lifted.

Nicola and I have put together our top tips of what we will be doing to stay sane during the lockdown:


We are both trying to keep a routine to our day which is so important. Having a routine provides you with structure and meaning in what can seem like endless days at home. Getting up, showering and getting dressed is essential to feel ready for the day so you can achieve anything.

Restrict the news

Set boundaries on the amount of time spent watching the news. While it is important to keep up-to-date with the news about the virus outbreak, it is important to keep a balance. Maybe try to limit your news consumption to once or twice a day during the lockdown. 

Friends and Family

Staying connected with friends and family during these uncertain times is important. We’ve been using apps such as Zoom or HouseParty to keep in contact with friends and family. We’ve also been sharing meal plans and recipes with friends via What’s app which can help you learn something new while being stuck indoors.

Keeping busy

Start old hobbies that you have neglected. Aim to read a book that you’ve had on your shelf for ages. Take part in an online course that you’ve always wanted to do. Having a hobby or course to take part in will make the hours pass more quickly.

Staying active

During the UK lockdown, we are allowed one hour of outdoor exercise per day. We’ve been using this time to stay active. Getting outdoors for a run or walk is so important for mental health and allows you to discover new spaces in your local area. Or dig out your old skipping rope and start skipping in your garden, it’s such a wonderful way to keep fit in limited spaces.


Taking time in your day to be calm and present in the moment. Meditating allows you to stop and be thankful for the things you have in your life. The outbreak has seen an increase in the anxiety about the unknown. Meditating can really help quash negative thoughts.

Bucket list tasks

Take this time to make a list of tasks that you’ve always wanted to do but never found the time. Cleaning the kitchen cupboards out, making photobooks of the family or the odd DIY jobs at home. We won’t get this time again, so now is the perfect opportunity to achieve some of those jobs you’ve been putting off. 

As a company that provides staff at UK events, our top priority during this time is to support our clients and staff as best we can. If you have any additional questions or would like our advice then please contact us today.