How to support your staff during coronavirus

As we enter the seventh week of coronavirus lockdown it is important to discuss how we can support our staff and ultimately support each other. 

We have heard that many companies have had to place their event teams on furlough. It is with this, that it becomes difficult for companies to keep in contact with staff and clients and nurture current relationships.

We’ve put together some easy guidelines describing how we can support each other during these uncertain times.

Be clear 

Communication is key during these uncertain times so it is important to be clear. Be the calm voice of reason to reassure employees and remember that how you communicate is just as important as what you communicate. 

Work/life balance

If you have staff that are working from home then check-in with them to ensure they are maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Many people with families are trying to balance working from home with childcare and this can become stressful. 

Speak with your team regularly 

Whether you have people working from home or on furlough, it is important to speak with them regularly. Working from home and furlough can be very isolating. Try to organise virtual calls via Skype or Zoom conferencing so you can see that your team is surviving! 

Encourage your staff to plan their wellness 

We have heard that some companies are asking their staff to complete Wellness Action Plans helping to support their mental health at work. There are guides for both employees and managers to follow and prove great sources of advice. 

Encourage idea creation 

When individuals are away from their desks or usual routine, it can encourage creativity so encourage ideas at this time. These may be usual for future business ideas.

If you are interested in finding out how we can support your event in the future, then please get in touch