How to use event staff to engage an audience

When you work with Pinnacle Event Staff, we provide you with event staff that know how to engage with your audience. We ensure that we brief our staff beforehand so that they know the key ways to do this. 

The most important thing to focus on when it comes to your audience, is to ensure that they have fun at your event. They attend because they want to learn new things, discover market trends and generally have a good time. Here are our suggestions how you can use our event staff to engage your audience. 

How to use our event staff to engage your audience

If you have any influencers or VIPs attending your event, then please make our event staff aware of this. They can then reach out to them and engage with them during the event. 

Plan compelling and informative sessions and well-known speakers. This way your attendees will want to come to your event. The more people attending your event, means the more engaging it will be. Our event staff will be briefed on what sessions are taking place and who is speaking so that they can provide this information with the attendees during the day. 

Many of the conferences that we provide event staff for, engage with their audience by running competitions and awards. Asking attendees to take part in a competition or visiting a number of exhibition booths to get a stamp to say they have spoken to the individuals exhibiting, both provides the attendee with a game or reason to interact with others at the event. 

Our event staff are often used to alert attendees about sessions so that they are well attended and there is audience engagement. And sometimes they are asked to post on social media with a certain hashtag to increase audience engagement with the attendees.

We have noticed recently and especially after the pandemic; more events are leveraging event technology to increase audience engagement during the event. The different event apps can help boost audience interaction which all goes towards making the event more fun and more memorable. 

In summary, there are many different ways our event staff can help increase audience engagement on the day of the event and by doing this your event experience will be remembered for all the right reasons. 

To find out more information about how our event staff can support your event, please get in touch