The importance of content creation with Binumi Pro

We caught up with Christopher Bo Shields, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of Binumi Pro, to find out the importance of video content in the events industry in today’s current climate. 

What is Binumi Pro and what services do you provide?

Binumi Pro is a video content platform that allows companies to create their own video using our propriety filming kit and App. Using the cameras in smartphones, Binumi Pro enables users to shoot and deliver professional on-brand content at a fraction of the cost of traditional video production. Shot footage goes straight into the cloud which is edited the same day by our team of in-house editors and returned fully brand compliant. We are democratising video by enabling professional levels of content to be made way more cost-effective.

Binumi Pro rig small

Why is video content so important for marketing a business or brand?

Video content provides an opportunity to be transparent, to present the face of the organisation, and to communicate with humanity. But it also typically takes a lot of time and money to get a video looking right: two things in short supply for many organisations. In a survey, we launched last year we found that one in four PR agency and in-house comms leaders still have not found a way of making video work as a marcomms tool.

The biggest reason for that was cost. Some 38 per cent of teams that had recently used video production companies stated that the experience was more expensive than they would have wanted. Binumi Pro enables you to turn user-generated content into professional-looking video without needing a high budget production.

Pinnacle Event Staff has worked with you on a number of live streaming events. Have you seen an increase in these types of events and why do you think this is?

COVID-19 has meant that the world is now much more reliant on video and in particular live streaming as a means of communication, and I don’t think that is going away any time soon, regardless of whatever restrictions are lifted. That’s why it’s important to be able to create premium content so that companies can rise above average video production values. We like to think of ourselves as offering a Netflix level service, while the world is filled with cable TV standard content!

Christopher Bo Shields - Binumi Pro
Christopher Bo Shields, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of Binumi Pro

How can your device work for our clients organising events in the future?

The platform allows users to shoot videos across a number of countries and still have the final product compiled and passed through compliance on the very same day. Something that normally took weeks is taking hours and at a fraction of the cost. The levels of creativity our clients are demonstrating can be quite awe-inspiring.

How do you think the events industry will recover from the COVID-19 outbreak?

The events industry needs to continue to use technology to extend involvement with an event way beyond those that are in the room. 

“Just because people may not be physically in the room, they can still be taking part.”

Flexible video communications systems are integral to this – ones that enable events organisers to turn around the content with immediacy, which can respond to the ongoing events of the day. Other immersive and interactive technologies such as online voting and messaging platforms must play their part as well.

Can you share with us, your top 3 tips for a start-up looking to create videos?

Stability, light, and sound – Be as stable as you can. Control as far as is possible your shooting environment – light your subject well and elevate the audio to get better quality of sound.

Time-critical content – Keep internal messaging fresh and timely. With many people looking for guidance from trusted people/ businesses on what to do when everything is so up in the air a daily brief from the CEO/ Board will be greatly helpful to keep a dispersed team together or a client abreast of ongoing changes.

Authenticity – This is essential, especially during these difficult times. Hit the right note with a personal piece shot by yourself, of yourself, from your own home.

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