Live Events Are Booming

The global pandemic forced many event organisers to switch from hosting live events to hosting them virtually. This did allow many of our clients to attract attendees who might not have made it to a live event however, many attendees missed the engagement that you get from live events. 

Our clients have been extremely happy to return to in-person live events and attendees have too. There is something special about in-person events and our event staff have enjoyed the return to live events. Clients are very good at creating memorable attendee experiences and our staff are fortunate to be able to be part of this and deliver the events. 

Post-pandemic, we have been lucky to attract many new team members allowing us to be able to offer our clients event staff support across the UK. This means we can adapt to our client’s requests more easily which has been good recently because live events have bounced back to pre-pandemic levels in the UK. 

The events industry has found ways to survive and even thrive during the pandemic and we believe everyone has learnt from this experience. The pandemic taught us that both event organisers and suppliers always need to be adaptable in order to survive. 

“Coming out of the pandemic has shown the appetite for live events is higher than it has ever been,” Elisa Drummond, Co-Founder of Pinnacle Event Staff. 

The public have been ‘cooped up’ for two years due to the pandemic and they are now ready to attend live events. We have noticed an increase in enquiries for event staff to support large corporate events as well as hospitality staff at summer events. We are hoping that this increase in enquiries continues throughout the winter months in the run up to Christmas. 

If you are interested in talking to us to find out how we can support your next event, then please get in touch