Live Events: What Do They Look Like?

The Covid-19 pandemic certainly saw a huge migration of live events to digital platforms however live events are returning but what do they now look like? 

Virtual events aren’t new, the webinar has been around for years and we don’t think that virtual events will replace live events. There is room for both in the events industry. 

Live events – what do they look like

Many delegates won’t dismiss the fact that they prefer to be face-to-face and in-person at events. Virtual events can’t replace the positive feelings you feel from interacting with a brand in person. 

Delegates that attend in-person events are also more likely to ‘get their money’s worth’ and experience more of what’s on offer due to the effort they’ve made to attend. 

We have certainly seen more brands looking to regain any lost momentum they experienced during the lockdown and people are chomping at the bit to attend live events again so it won’t be long until live events are up and running again. 

What everyone must remember is that engagement and behaviour are the two main considerations for engineering a successful event – personalised experiences are still vital. 

What does the future hold? 

There is no doubt that getting back to normal will take some time and events will look different in the meantime. We will see a return to live events and there will be more virtual events as well as smaller satellite events. 

“People thrive on being around people who are like them and interested in the same topic which we believe will lead to the events business making a roaring come back. The importance of human interaction is now more important than ever. Yes, the lockdown has taught us that we can survive without human interaction but it is difficult. When you attend a live event you see colleagues, meet new contacts and interact face-to-face. You just can’t get that from an event held on zoom,” says Elisa Drummond, Co-Founder of Pinnace Event Staff. 

The future of events is undoubtedly bright but is still not set in stone so this is going to be a very interesting time to watch brands adapt to the situation. 

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