Pinnacle Event Staff acquire Dazzle People


In early 2018, we acquired the boutique events agency, Dazzle People. The company had been in the events industry for over 25 years and was established as a trusted brand, bringing together talented people with well-known brands to help deliver amazing events.

The acquisition ensured a high level of service to the existing clients of Dazzle People such as Microsoft, UBS, Imperial Corporate Events, Thomson Reuters (now Refinitiv) and Vitality to name a few.

“The acquisition of Dazzle People back in 2018 meant we were able to grow our business by over 50%, a fantastic achievement in such a short period of time,” says Nicola Harris, Co-Founder at Pinnacle Event Staff. 

As part of the agreement, we also gained a growth in databases of tried and tested event staff which ensured we were able to continue providing the highest quality staff for past events meaning there was a smooth handover between both companies.

“We are always committed to delivering first-class events and client experiences so when we inherited the staffing platform it made a big difference to our operations, making us more efficient, payroll much easier and lots of uniforms were now available to offer to our clients as an added service,” says Elisa Drummond, Co-Founder at Pinnacle Event Staff.

A year on from the acquisition, it is clear that bringing together the wealth of experience from both agencies has been a success. Pinnacle Event Staff has retained all of the clients acquired and have developed these accounts into regular event bookings throughout the year. We are also pleased to announce that we have won new business in 2019 ensuring that our brand and services are continuing to grow in the right direction.

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