We transition to LIVEFORCE


We are thrilled to announce that we will now be working with a new software system called LIVEFORCE.

LIVEFORCE, is an on-demand workforce software platform, which will assist us in booking, scheduling, managing and paying our workforce for all our future events.

The new booking system allows our staff to create a personal profile, which is accessible from their phones and will provide them with 5 key features:

  • A job board showing all jobs with an easy application process
  • A personalised calendar with an overview of the jobs they have been confirmed for, invited to or applied to
  • Notifications to keep them updated on important changes or new jobs available
  • Easy format to submit timesheets and expenses
  • An earnings page to track expected income each month

“Our old system was time-consuming and we wanted a system that gave our staff the freedom to research new jobs available, apply easily and keep track of what jobs they have been assigned to. The system will also allow us to manage our payroll efficiently and effectively and will give staff the ability to track what they are owed and when they have been paid. LIVEFORCE does all of this and more so we are really looking forward to putting our staff in control and for us all to work more accurately and smoothly,” said Elisa Drummond, Co Founder at Pinnacle Event Staff. 

LIVEFORCE will be rolled out to our staff immediately and we are hoping to see an instant change.

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