5 Skills All Event Staff Should Have

Event management is a very competitive market, especially after the pandemic so there are many different event skills you will need to become a successful event planner and manager. 


All event staff should be flexible to deal with the constantly changing situations that an event can bring. A successful event staff member will deal with problems when they arise, quickly, quiet and efficiently – it is part of the job! If the pandemic has taught us anything we need to be flexible when it comes to switching from a face-to-face event to an online event when venues close. 

Be a people person

Another event skill that event staff often share is people skills. At events you need to feel comfortable dealing with high-level executives, vendors, co-workers, sponsor representatives, customers, suppliers, other staff and event delegates. A good event manager can resolve conflicts, be a pleasant negotiator and maintain a sense of humour throughout. Building relationships with people is key. 


Organisational skills are key when it comes to event management to ensure the event goes to plan and is delivered. Many event planners have tried and tested checklists that they have built over the years.  Event managers and planners also need to be able to delegate to avoid burnout and ensure that all things go to plan. 

Listening and Communication skills 

Listening skills is both important in the planning stage but also the execution stage of an event. Both Managers and event staff need to have good listening skills to pay attention to what is said by the client but also supervisors and co-workers.  Communication is also key as it keeps everyone on track and ensures the goals of the event are clear to everyone involved. Always communicate in a way that is respectful to everyone and doesn’t put anyone down. 

Be unflappable. 

Events can be stressful so it is important as an event manager not to crack under pressure. Stay level-headed and always treat everyone with respect, not matter what the situation. Always give the impression that you are cool, calm and collected, even if you’re a bundle of nerves inside! 

If you are looking for event staff with the above qualities and skills then please get in touch