How we can maximise the use of technology to survive COVID-19

Now that we are firmly in the midst of lockdown 3.0, we wanted to focus on how we can use technology to survive COVID-19.

Many of us now don’t have a commute or travel for work meetings and the growth of ‘Zoom’ meetings has rocketed. The virtual workspace is now the new normal and many companies have started to re-evaluate office space and ways in which they can reduce their overheads. This is very similar within the events industry itself. Companies are now running virtual events during the lockdown and event organisers are utilising technology to facilitate these virtual events.

The growth in virtual event management systems has given many of our clients the possibility of creating a true virtual event experience. The event management systems are allowing event organisers to create and customise the digital environment with branding, run polls, and Q&As, and allow delegates to interact with other attendees within virtual networking rooms or coffee breaks.

The result of these virtual event management systems is a positive experience for delegates and the realisation for us that the industry can survive as long as new and innovative ways of working are found.

We must emphasise that we are looking forward to a time when exhibitions, conferences, and events take place. However, in the meantime technology continues to develop, allowing event organisers and delegates a solution to ensure our industry does not die.

We are also looking forward to monitoring the success and growth of hybrid events, where both a physical and virtual experience run in tandem. We see hybrid events helping the industry get back on its feet at a faster rate providing companies with an opportunity for increased reach, footfall, and ultimately revenue.

Technology has always pivoted and developed to meet emerging challenges and the use of technology to survive COVID-19 is no different.

If you would like to discuss how we can provide assistance with your online event and/or live event post-COVID-19, then please get in touch today.