Are Virtual Networking Events A Good Thing?

A virtual networking event is all about bringing people together. They need to be able to connect, interact and engage with each other. Networking events can be just as good virtually if they are done correctly. 

Why host a virtual networking event? 

Networking in business has always been important so that you can form connections and meet like-minded people. Virtual networking is no different and can allow people to connect with each other when they may not get the chance otherwise. 

A virtual networking event is a great way to meet others in the industry and to reach out to potential clients.

Choose the right platform

When organising a virtual networking event, it is important to choose the right online platform. You don’t want to suffer from technology issues or poor moderation as this will affect the attendee’s overall experience. 

When you are looking for a virtual networking event platform it is important to make sure that the platform offers video conferencing so that the individuals can see and speak with each other. All attendees will also need to be able to register at the event online. Other functionality should include breakout session capabilities, screen-sharing, chat and Q&A. 

Size of the event

Virtual networking events may fail if there are too many people involved. Obviously most virtual events are larger than in-person events due to greater accessibility however this might not be the answer when it comes to a networking event. Your attendee count will depend on the format of your event. Some experts suggest no larger than 8 attendees however if you are planning breakout sessions then your event attendance could be larger. 

Ideas for virtual networking events

Need inspiration? How about: 

  • Virtual Cocktail Classes
  • Awards Show Viewing
  • Wine Tasting
  • Discussion on State of the Industry
  • Trends Report
  • Roundtable on Hot Topics
  • Session Specific Discussion 
  • Moderated discussion
  • Live Q&A with Panel

Virtual networking events can make up part of your total event programme. They are key to your total event as they gather leads and promote connections between attendees. 

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