What will live events look like in the future?

The UK government has announced the lifting of more restrictions today however the future of live events is still very much unknown.

When they are ready to allow us to plan, organise, and gather again, we need to ensure we are ready to create events that are as safe as possible. Organising an event will now have an extra step involved which will be incorporating the guidelines from health officials to protect the wellbeing of all attendees and staff working at the event.

Things for event organisers to consider

  • Assess the risk of transmission of COVID-19 at your event and identify and manage those risks
  • Create pre-event checklists addressing the risks associated with COVID-19 at your event
  • Create safety guidelines and policies for suppliers, staff, and attendees to adhere to
  • Communicate all guidelines and policies prior to the event

There is also the question of what will be the etiquette at live trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences in the future. Will we be able to shake hands or will it be an elbow pump from now on? Will the norm at large-scale exhibitions be temperature-checking delegates as they enter the hall? These may feature in the immediate future but we are sure some old habits will return.

This is a time for our industry to lead the way in demonstrating ways we can balance the need to interact with awareness as well as maintaining safe practices. If you take the cruise industry, for example, they have had hand sanitisers on ships to protect passengers from the norovirus for years. We think practices like this will become the ‘new normal’ at live events in the future.

As the UK Government makes more announcements over the coming weeks, we will be listening to see if any of the current restrictions are lifted further. One thing is for sure, the lockdown has shown us the importance of human connection and the need for us all to come together through live events.

We are confident that we will be dusting off our lanyards very soon but in the meantime, if you are planning your future event and need advice or support, please get in touch