Will the vaccine effect the events industry?

As we write this blog, over 35 million people have had their first dose of the vaccine in the UK. Numbers are climbing daily across the world, so what effect will this have on the events industry? 

As we know, in the UK the high-risk groups were prioritised which is fantastic however this will not mean the quick return of in-person events. The typical event attendee is early to late middle age and in good health, so potentially lower down the vaccination queue. 

If in-person events are only going to be available to individuals that have been vaccinated then we may not see a return of events in 2021. Also, will people want to attend events if they need to either carry out tests beforehand and have to stay socially distanced throughout. Some companies have already announced that they do not require staff to return to the workplace in 2021. Will these companies be happy for staff to attend in-person events instead? 

It seems that event organisers of large events have very serious decisions to make about how to safely allow the attendance of thousands of people. We believe that in-person events will take place this year but what we do know is that they will be very different to before. 

The UK has already carried out pilots for sporting events so we hope to see the results of these soon. The growth of hybrid events is also guaranteed as these types of events offer great value to both in-room and virtual attendees. Hybrid events has existed in sports and television for decades so we believe they will be the ‘norm’ in the future and a majority of events will enjoy a hybrid future.

One thing is for sure the next couple of years will see the events sector completely redefined. 

If you would like us to assist you with your event planning for the future for both in-person and hybrid events then please get in touch to discuss further.