Why should event staff wear uniform?

We speak with all of our clients to obtain a clear brief for their event and to find out what they are trying to achieve from the staff that we will provide. Over the years, we have noticed that staff uniform is often a neglected topic so we thought we would highlight why we think it is important.

Easy to recognise

When your event staff are wearing a uniform, it means they are easy to recognise through the crowds at your event, which is good for your attendees. Staff are a source of help and guidance, so if they are highly visible, due to a uniform, this will give your attendees a better event experience.

Brand Awareness

Staff clothing, especially if branded, can help raise brand awareness at your event. We have worked with a number of clients who have provided branded t-shirts as uniforms for our staff at registration ensuring they stand out from the crowd.


Providing staff with a uniform can unify a team and make the staff feel valued which in turn increases staff morale. A uniform also avoids staff wearing inappropriate clothing at your event.


Staff uniform provided for a certain event should mean that it has been considered for the roles and activities the staff will be performing. If this is the case, then the uniform and footwear will be comfortable which enables the staff to concentrate on the job in hand.

A lasting impression

A staff uniform can create a lasting impression and this should be of professionalism. Portraying a high standard of appearance through your event staff will represent your brand in the right light.

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