How hiring skill-specific event staff can positively impact your event 

Hiring skill-specific event staff can make a real difference to your event. As an event staffing company, it is our job to recruit the best staff and constantly evaluate their performance at each event as well as develop their skill set.

When working with our clients we try to provide them with a strong team of experienced staff who are ideally managed by one of our supervisors. This can make life much easier on-site at the event and the supervisor can more than likely think on their feet, troubleshoot and add a lot of value to the client.

There can often be a crossover in skills from staff however the event will decipher the function of the roles and may vary depending on each event. We always look to the client for guidance on how they would like areas of their event to run and what process they have in mind for running it. We then ensure that our staff are placed in a range of roles so that they gain a more rounded experience allowing them to be placed in a variety of roles if necessary.

Playing to their strengths

Many individuals will have strengths in certain event roles, for example, working at event registration is a skill-specific role and staff need to be confident working on different registration platforms and tech-savvy on how the various systems work with very little or no briefing. The staff also require the skill of being able to work under pressure as often they will need to register large numbers of delegates, quickly and efficiently while ensuring excellent customer service at the same time.

Positive impact

We know when we have provided clients with the right staff, as we ask for immediate feedback.

“We often receive feedback from our clients about how our staff removed pressure on the day of the event and that they needed very little direction or briefing,” says Elisa Drummond, Co-Founder at Pinnacle Event Staff.

Having staff on site who work on the delivery side, day-in-day-out means you have an experienced team who know what can go wrong and are able to adapt and be flexible to the demands of the event. Hiring staff who really care about the customer experience is key to us and our clients.

What our clients say:

“Pinnacle Event Staff were superb to work with onsite at Money20/20 Europe 2017. Nicola and Elisa proactively managed their teams, coming up with solutions before we, as the organisers, even knew that there was an issue. They went above and beyond to fully understand what we were trying to achieve at the event and ensured that their team reflected this throughout,” Operations Director at Money 20/20 Europe.

“I would never be able to deliver a high level of service without the team that Pinnacle provides, I’m always happy for them to represent my organisation. Elisa and Nicola provide staff who work as an extension to my own team which plays an integral part in the success of my larger events. Having worked with Pinnacle for the past 7 years I can highly recommend the service,” Operations Director at Wilmington Healthcare.